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Satisfaction Guarantee


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Local Locksmiths

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30-60 min Response

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We offer 12 month warranty on parts

12 Months Warranty

We offer 12 month warranty on parts
We provide home insurance locks on request

British Standard Installer

We provide home insurance locks on request
We do price match guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

We do price match guarantee



Open Locks Services in Hackney


Open Lock Services in Hackney

Have you locked yourself in or out? You have probably lost your keys, the key has broken off in the lock or your lock is broken. Fortunately, there are several ways to get your door open again. There is always a verified Hackney Locksmith ready to open your lock.

Open your lock without damage

In most cases, the Hackney locksmith opens the door without damage. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the lock, for example when the lock is defective. The verified Hackney locksmith always look for the best solution for you. We only work with reliable and skilled locksmiths.

Lost key Locked out

If you have lost your key or if your key has been stolen and you can no longer enter your home, Hackney Locksmith will quickly open your door for you. If you do not have a spare key, it is imperative that you have your lock replaced as soon as possible. That way you prevent someone from easily breaking into your house. After opening your door, our Hackney locksmith can immediately place a new lock from a recognized brand.

Faulty Lock Repair

A faulty lock is very annoying. To quickly fix the issue A verified locksmith will be on site within 30 minutes. The locksmith will examine the situation and open the lock for you. This is done quickly and without damage in most cases. The cause of the faulty lock will be investigated and shared with you. If the lock turns out to be really defective, it is not possible to repair it. Your lock must then be replaced. After consultation, the locksmith can immediately place a new lock in most cases. This way your home remains well protected.

Lock Damaged

Has the lock on your home or business premises been damaged? A verified locksmith from Hackney Locksmith is quickly on site. Our locksmith will open the door for you without damage and repair the burglary damage to your doors or windows as quickly as possible. If necessary, the locksmith will install additional burglary protection to make your home or building safer. Hackney locksmith strengthens the security of your property by means of an anti-burglary strip, anti-burglary bar, thief claws, security hinges or security fittings.

Find a good locksmith to open your lock

The way to find a good locksmith in your area is to search on google for a local hackney locksmith and check there reviews. 


How does Hackney Locksmith work?

When you engage Hackney Locksmith, you can expect a reliable and competent professional. You will be told in advance who is coming to you, what to expect and how much it will cost. We never charge you with call-out costs or transport costs. After completing the job, you can pay with Current account or credit card. In exceptional cases you can pay in cash, but we do not recommend this unless you really have no other option. You will immediately receive the invoice digitally. This way everything is completely transparent for you, for the professional and for us. In this way we can prevent abuses together. Do you still need additional contact? Then you can always reach us on our WhatsApp, via the icon at the top of each page. We always try to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Call Hackney Locksmith in case of emergency

Hackney Locksmith is available 24/7 for damage-free opening of doors throughout Hackney. In an emergency, please contact us by phone. You can reach us on 0208 003 3286. In addition, you can directly send a message to a verified locksmith in your area from WhatsAPP. 

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All our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty .

Also a 90 days guarantee on all workmanship.

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